Breaking Down the MAT - dummies

Breaking Down the MAT

By Vince Kotchian, Edwin Kotchian

Part of MAT For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The MAT tests your ability to solve analogies that are constructed from a wide variety of knowledge categories. Here’s what you can expect when taking the MAT.

  1. The MAT has exactly 120 questions, covering the following categories: general knowledge, humanities, mathematics, language, natural science, and social science.

  2. Of the 120 questions, only 100 go toward your actual score. The other questions are purely experimental. They are included to indicate to the test publishers if they are valid questions to include in later versions of the test. You will not know which are experimental.

  3. The order of difficulty generally increases as the test progresses: the first 40 questions are easier, questions 41 to 80 are harder, and questions 81 to 120 are difficult.

  4. Your score is based on how many correct answers you give. You are not penalized for skipping a question and there is no penalty for getting a question wrong.