5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids on the ACT - dummies

5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids on the ACT

By Lisa Zimmer Hatch, Scott A. Hatch

As a parent, you may wonder what you can do to help your child study for the ACT. Well, wonder no longer! Here are five specific steps to help a student do his or her best.

  1. Encourage Her to Study

    Help your child work out a study schedule and give her incentives to stick to it, such as picking out the family’s dinner menu for one week or allotting her a larger share of the family’s talk and text minutes.

  2. Supply Him with a Good Study Environment

    Make sure your student has a quiet study area where he can concentrate without being disturbed by siblings, pets, friends, TV, the computer, or his cellphone. Quality study time is time spent without distractions.

  3. Model Good Grammar for Her

    Help your child recognize mistakes in English usage questions by speaking properly with her and gently correcting her grammar mistakes in your conversations. Before you know it, she’ll be correcting you!

  4. Encourage Him to Read

    One of the best ways to improve reading scores is to actually read. Go figure! Incorporate reading into your family’s schedule and set up times to read short passages together and discuss their meanings.

  5. Explore Colleges with Her

    Your child’s ACT score becomes more important to her when she realizes what’s at stake. Taking her to college fairs and campus visits can foster her enthusiasm for college and make taking the ACT more relevant.