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XSLT For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-3651-9
360 pages
March 2002
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Part I: Getting Started with XSLT.

Chapter 1: Introducing the X-Team.

Chapter 2: Writing Your First XSLT Stylesheet.

Part II: Becoming an XSLT Transformer.

Chapter 3: Transforming with Style (Stylesheets, That Is).

Chapter 4: Templates Rule!

Chapter 5: XPath Espresso.

Chapter 6: We Want Results!

Part III: Prime Time XSLT.

Chapter 7: Adding Programming Logic Isn't Just for Propheads.

Chapter 8: Variables in XSLT: A Breed Apart.

Chapter 9: Tweaking the Results to Get What You Want.

Chapter 10: To HTML and Beyond!

Chapter 11: XPath Data Types and Functions.

Part IV: eXtreme XSLT.

Chapter 12: Combining XSLT Stylesheets.

Chapter 13: "Gimme Some Space" and Other Output Issues.

Chapter 14: Keys and Cross-Referencing.

Chapter 15: Namespaces Revisited.

Chapter 16: Extending XSLT.

Chapter 17: Debugging XSLT Transformations.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Most Confusing Things About XSLT.

Chapter 19: Ten All-Pro XSLT Resources on the Web.

Chapter 20: Ten XSLT Processors Available Online.


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