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Upgrading and Fixing Laptops For Dummies (0471783625) cover image

Upgrading and Fixing Laptops For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-471-78362-6
346 pages
February 2006
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Part I: Putting a Computer in Your Lap.

Chapter 1: A Field Guide to the Common Laptop.

Chapter 2: How to Treat a Laptop.

Part II: Explaining What Could Possibly Go Wrong.

Chapter 3: Things That Go Bump in the Night (or Day).

Chapter 4: When to Repair and When to Recycle.

Chapter 5: Surviving Basic Training.

Chapter 6: Brain Matters: Memory, Microprocessors, and BIOS.

Part III: Laying Hands on the Major Parts.

Chapter 7: Easing In to Hard Disks.

Chapter 8: Floppy Drives: Relics and Memories.

Chapter 9: Going Round and Around: CD and DVD Drives.

Chapter 10: Tripping the Keyboard Fantastic.

Chapter 11: Putting Your Finger on Pointing Devices.

Chapter 12: Seeing the Light: LCDs and Video.

Part IV: Failing to Communicate.

Chapter 13: Networks, Gateways, and Routers.

Chapter 14: Feeling Up in the Air.

Chapter 15: Modems: The Essential Translators.

Chapter 16: Breaking Out of the Box: PC Cards, USB, and FireWire.

Part V: The Software Side of Life.

Chapter 17: Installing a New Operating System or Migrating Upwards.

Chapter 18: Adding or Removing Software, for Better or for Worse.

Chapter 19: Essential Utilities for Laptop Users.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 20: Ten Quick Solutions.

Chapter 21: Ten Essential Dos and Don’ts.

Chapter 22: Ten of My Favorite Things.


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