Ticket Management For Dummies (DUM91) cover image

Ticket Management For Dummies helps season ticket holders share their seats with their network of contacts: friends, family, coworkers and clients. This online solution provides time management assistance by enabling season ticket owners to easily create invitations to upcoming events, track responses, coordinate directions, and organize ticket and parking pass transfers. With Ticket Management For Dummies, season ticket holders can build stronger relationships and loyalty with their networks without a major investment in a CRM system or the burden of additional contact management tools.

 Season ticket holders, becoming ever more focused on their finances, can show their business and personal contacts just how important they are while saving time and money in the process.  Ticket Management For Dummies is the right solution for the most loyal fans of professional sports including baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer.  Ticket Management For Dummies is an ideal service for all season ticket holders (or suite owners) who cannot attend every event for which they own tickets; after all, why let good investments go to waste?