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The Tudors For Dummies (0470687924) cover image

The Tudors For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-68792-5
376 pages
December 2010
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Part I. Encountering the Early Tudors.

Chapter 1. Touring the Time of the Tudors.

Chapter 2. Starting a Dynasty: Henry VII.

Part II. Handling Henry VIII.

Chapter 3. Being Bluff King Hal: Henry VIII.

Chapter 4. Running the Kingdom, Henry’s Way.

Chapter 5. Six Weddings and Two Funerals: Henry VIII’s Wives and Girlfriends.

Chapter 6. Building a New Church: Henry and Religion.

Part III. Remembering the Forgotten Tudors: Edward VI and Mary.

Chapter 7. Ruling from the Nursery: Edward VI and His Protectors.

Chapter 8. Encouraging Protestantism.

Chapter 9. Changing with the Times: Edward John, Jane and Mary.

Chapter 10. Returning to the Old Faith: Mary I.

Chapter 11. Ending the Dream: The Last of Mary.

Part IV. Ending with Elizabeth.

Chapter 12. Dancing with Elizabeth.

Chapter 13. Choosing the Middle Way between Protestants and Catholics.

Chapter 14. Gunning for Elizabeth.

Chapter 15. Facing the Armada.

Chapter 16. Ending an Era: 1590-1603.

Part V. The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17. Ten Top Tudor People.

Chapter 18. The Things the Tudors Did for Us.

Chapter 19. Ten Top Tudor Buildings.

Chapter 20. Ten Major Tudor Events.

Chapter 21. Ten Tudor Firsts.


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