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The Templar Code For Dummies (0470127651) cover image

The Templar Code For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-12765-0
384 pages
June 2007
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Part I: The Knights Templar and the Crusades.

Chapter 1. Defining the Templar Code.

Chapter 2. A Crash Course in Crusading.

Chapter 3. The Rise of the Knights Templar.

Part II: A Different Kind of Knighthood.

Chapter 4. Living in a Templar World.

Chapter 5. The Poor Knights Crash and Burn: The Fall of the Templars.

Chapter 6. Cold Case Files: The Evidence against the Templars.

Part III: After the Fall of the Templars.

Chapter 7. Templars Survive in Legend and in Fact.

Chapter 8. "Born in Blood": Freemasonry and the templars.

Chapter 9. Modern-Day Templars.

Part IV: Templars and the Grail.

Chapter 10. The Templars and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Chapter 11. The 21st Century Dawns with a New Grail Myth.

Part V: Squaring Off: The Church versus the Gospel According to Dan Brown.

Chapter 12. Templars and The Da Vinci Code.

Chapter 13. The Suppression of the "Feminine Divine": Truth or Feminist Fiction?

Chapter 14. Getting Our Acts Together: Constantine and the Council of Nicaea.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15. Ten Candidates for the Site of the Holy Grail.

Chapter 16. Ten Absolutely Must-See Templar Sites.

Chapter 17. Ten Places That May Be Hiding the Templar Treasure.


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