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Telephone Sales For Dummies (0470168366) cover image

Telephone Sales For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-16836-3
292 pages
November 2007
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Part I: Picking Up on Telephone Sales.

Chapter 1: Calling All Sales Professionals!

Chapter 2: Thriving as a Telephone-Sales Pro.

Chapter 3: Brave New World: The Laws of Telesales Land.

Part II: Laying the Groundwork for Telephone-Sales Success.

Chapter 4: Doing Your Homework for A-Plus Calls.

Chapter 5: Prospecting Your Way to Success.

Chapter 6: Conquering Sales Call Aversion.

Chapter 7: Investing Your Time Wisely.

Part III: You Make the Call!

Chapter 8: Getting Past the Gatekeeper.

Chapter 9: Opening Your Sales Call with Ease.

Chapter 10: Getting Out of the Answers and Into the Questions.

Chapter 11: Mastering the Art of Listening and Silence.

Chapter 12: Executing Powerful Presentations.

Part IV: Going for the Close.

Chapter 13: Overcoming Objections.

Chapter 14: Orchestrating a Successful Close.

Chapter 15: Moving Forward When You Don’t Land the Sale.

Part V: Increasing Your Sales.

Chapter 16: Exploding Your Earnings through Behavioral Selling.

Chapter 17: Selling the Way Your Customer Wants to Buy.

Chapter 18: Staying Motivated to Succeed.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) Ways to Sound Like a Pro on the Phone.

Chapter 20: Ten Phrases to Banish from Your Vocabulary.

Chapter 21: Ten (Or So) Actions that Promote Phone-Sales Success.


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