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Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies (0470538082) cover image

Social Entrepreneurship For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-53808-1
364 pages
April 2010
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Part I: An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship.

Chapter 1: Social Entrepreneurship: A Calling for You.

Chapter 2: Building Public Compassion.

Chapter 3: Motivation and the Volunteer Spirit.

Chapter 4: Communicating for Social Change.

Chapter 5: Using Trends to Harness the Next Big Things.

Part II: Establishing Your Organization.

Chapter 6: Finding Your Focus: Civil Society’s Many Faces.

Chapter 7: The Ground Floor: Doing the Initial Planning.

Chapter 8: For-Profit and Nonprofi t: Considering Your Options.

Chapter 9: It Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Funding Nonprofits.

Chapter 10: Creating Your Brand.

Part III: Growing Your Organization.

Chapter 11: Mixing It Up: Using Social Networking and Social Media.

Chapter 12: Greenroom Strategies: Winning with the Media.

Chapter 13: Keeping Kafka at Bay: Dealing with Bureaucracy.

Chapter 14: Going Corporate: Formally Organizing and Incorporating.

Part IV: Keeping Your Organization Running for the Long Haul.

Chapter 15: Putting the Entrepreneur in Social Entrepreneurship.

Chapter 16: Leading Indicators: Leadership and Your Organization.

Chapter 17: Managing a Social Enterprise.

Chapter 18: No Man Is an Island: Teamwork.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Great Areas for Social Entrepreneurial Action.

Chapter 20: Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid.



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