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Self-Publishing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-05296-9
384 pages
March 2011
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Part I: Do It Yourself: Getting Started with Self-Publishing.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Self-Publishing!

Chapter 2: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing.

Chapter 3: Equipping Yourself with the Write Stuff.

Chapter 4: Creating a Winning Manuscript.

Chapter 5: Fine-Tuning Your Work with Careful Editing.

Part II: Pulling Together the Details: Administration and Design.

Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Self-Publishing Business.

Chapter 7: Tackling Book-Specific Tasks.

Chapter 8: Coming Up with Creative Page Design and Layout.

Chapter 9: Judging a Book by Its Cover.

Part III: Start the Presses! Examining Printing Choices.

Chapter 10: Trying Out Traditional Offset Printing.

Chapter 11: Print-On-Demand for Demanding Self-Publishers.

Chapter 12: Checking Out Some Non-Traditional Printing Options.

Chapter 13: Working Successfully with Any Printer.

Part IV: Making Your Book a Bestseller: Distribution Methods.

Chapter 14: Selling Your Book through Popular Online Booksellers.

Chapter 15: Distributing Your Book through Traditional Channels.

Chapter 16: Getting a Grip on Warehousing, Order Fulfillment, and Shipping.

Chapter 17: Selling Your Book to the Big Boys for Better Distribution.

Part V: Creating a Buzz: Publicity and Marketing.

Chapter 18: Crafting Publicity Materials for Your Book.

Chapter 19: Publicizing Your Book for Free with the Media’s Help.

Chapter 20: Marketing Your Book with Paid Advertising and Promotional Tools.

Chapter 21: Maximizing Your Marketing Power in Cyberspace.

Chapter 22: Expanding Your Income with Spin-Off Products and Services.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid.

Chapter 24: Ten Useful Resources for Self-Publishers.