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Running a Food Truck For Dummies, 2nd Edition (1119286131) cover image

Running a Food Truck For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-28613-4
384 pages
October 2016
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Introduction 1

Part 1: Rolling into the Food Truck Industry 5

CHAPTER 1: Food on Wheels: The Lowdown on Food Trucks 7

CHAPTER 2: Deciding What Kind of Food Truck Is Right for You 17

CHAPTER 3: Understanding and Researching Your Local Food Truck Market 39

Part 2: Getting Your Food Truck Ducks in a Row 53

CHAPTER 4: Writing a Food Truck Business Plan 55

CHAPTER 5: Securing Financing for Your Food Truck 79

CHAPTER 6: Understanding Business Structures, Licenses, and Other Legal Stuff 93

CHAPTER 7: Parking and Presenting Your Food Truck 111

Part 3: Preparing to Open Your Service Window 125

CHAPTER 8: Creating Your Food Truck Menu 127

CHAPTER 9: Finding a Commercial Kitchen for Your Food Truck 143

CHAPTER 10: Purchasing and Managing Supplies 155

CHAPTER 11: Hiring and Training Your Food Truck Team 169

CHAPTER 12: Setting Up Your Office and Managing Money Matters 195

Part 4: Keeping Your Food Truck Running Smoothly 209

CHAPTER 13: Running a Safe, Clean Food Truck and Keeping It on the Road 211

CHAPTER 14: Evaluating the State of Your Food Truck Business 237

Part 5: Generating Buzz and Growing Your Food Truck Business251

CHAPTER 15: Mastering Food Truck Marketing and Public Relations 253

CHAPTER 16: Handling the Art of Social Media 269

CHAPTER 17: Attracting and Retaining Your Customers 291

CHAPTER 18: What’s Next? Determining the Future of Your Food Truck Business 305

Part 6: The Part of Tens 319

CHAPTER 19: Ten Myths about Food Trucks 321

CHAPTER 20: Ten Tips for Preventing Food Truck Failure 327

CHAPTER 21: Ten Tips for Dealing with Food Truck Health Inspections 335

Index 341

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