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Reading the Financial Pages For Dummies (0470714328) cover image

Reading the Financial Pages For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-71432-4
400 pages
February 2012
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The British financial pages are a minefield of jargon and impenetrable terminology - they are also your key to having a true understanding of how the financial markets work, and taking full control of your investments. This plain-English guide to the financial pages demystifies the tables, charts and analysis, so you can keep on top of the latest developments in the City and have confidence that you are maximising your investment returns.

Reading the Financial Pages For Dummies includes:

The Financial Pages

  • What the Financial Pages Are
  • How the Financial Pages Work
  • How the Financial Pages Relate to the Stock Market 
  • How You Can Use the Pages to Work for You   

Using the Financial Pages to Make Basic Investments

  • Investing in Shares
  • Investing in Bonds
  • Investing in Cash Investments

Delving Deeper Into the Financial Pages

  • Sharpening Your Understanding
  • Watching Out For the Pitfalls
  • Using Charts To Monitor The Market’s Psychology

Using the Pages for More Advanced Investments

  • Going International
  • Delving into Derivatives
  • Making Money from Commodities
  • Investing in Trusts and Funds
  • Discovering More Ways to Use Managed Funds

Other Places to Go for Financial Information

  • Using the Alternatives  
  • Company Accounts

Part of Tens         

  • Ten Things to Know About a Share
  • Ten Ways to Get Your Asset Allocation Right
  • Ten Warning Signs that a Company Might be on the Ropes
  • Ten Red-Hot Clues to an Opportunity
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