For Dummies (0764542222) cover image For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4222-0
384 pages
December 2003
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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
3 Bonus chapter url
The bonus chapter for Writer on setting options, configuring preferences, and making macros is on the Web site:
4 Bonus Chapters url
The bonus chapter for Calc on analyzing data; Impress on setup tips; and Draw on layers, curves, fills, special effects, and 3-D are all on the Web site:
93 Last paragraph
Last paragraph. "Master Document" should be "Choose Master Document."
237 Step 1
Step 1 should be: "Choose File-->Export, and choose HTML from the File format drop-down list. Click the Save button."
249 2nd paragraph
2nd paragraph. Delete "From File"
254 Paragraph after the numbered steps
Paragraph after the numbered steps. Revise to "If you can find the color that you are looking for, you can define your own color. For detailed instructions on how to define a color, see "Coloring consummately" in Chapter 18."
276 Paragraph 1, line 4
Paragraph 1, line 4. Change "use" to "present"
276 Paragraph 12, line 3
Paragraph 12, line 3. Change "Timings text box" to "Time text box."
277 "Specifying slide show settings," Step 3
"Specifying slide show settings," Step 3. Change "Timings text box" to "Time text box."
283 Step 3
Step 3. Skip Step 3 ("Click OK").
Additional Credit Inadvertently left out
Tim Kampa: Technical Reviewer
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