Microsoft® SQL Server® 2000 For Dummies® (0764507753) cover image

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2000 For Dummies®

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0775-5
408 pages
January 2001
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PART I: An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Chapter 1: What's New with You? New Features in SQL Server 2000.

Chapter 2: A Quick Tour of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Tools.

PART II: Database Design.

Chapter 3: Understanding the Relational Data Model.

Chapter 4: Creating Base-Level SQL Server Objects.

Chapter 5: Creating Advanced SQL Server Objects.

Chapter 6: Programming SQL Server 2000.

Chapter 7: Fun with Stored Procedures.

PART III: Interface Design.

Chapter 8: Making Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Work by Using SQL.

Chapter 9: Now That I Have a Structure, How Do I Use It?

Chapter 10: Maintaining Flexibility by Importing and Exporting Data.

PART IV: Enterprise Issues.

Chapter 11: Preventing the Inevitable Disaster (Losing Data).

Chapter 12: So You Want to Be Published.

Chapter 13: Distributed Queries.

PART V: Administrative Issues.

Chapter 14: Using Jobs and Alerts to Make SQL Server Work for You.

Chapter 15: Maintenance Plans.

PART VI: The Parts of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Microsoft SQL Server Resources.

Chapter 17: Ten Popular Ways to Give SQL Server More Pizzazz.

PART VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Wizard Flowcharts.

Appendix B: About the CD.


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