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Microeconomics For Dummies, USA Edition (1119184398) cover image

Microeconomics For Dummies, USA Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-18439-3
336 pages
February 2016
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Microeconomics 5

Chapter 1: Discovering Why Microeconomics Is a Big Deal 7

Chapter 2: Considering Consumer Choice: Why Economists Find You Fascinating 17

Chapter 3: Looking at the Behavior of Firms: What They Are and What They Do 31

Part II: Doing the Best You Can: Consumer Theory 43

Chapter 4: Living a Life without Limits 45

Chapter 5: Considering the Art of the Possible: The Budget Constraint 55

Chapter 6: Achieving the Optimum in Spite of Constraints 69

Part III: Uncovering the Alchemy of Firms’ Inputs and Outputs 87

Chapter 7: Working with Different Costs and Cost Curves 89

Chapter 8: Squeezing Out Every Last Drop of Profit 107

Chapter 9: Supplying the Demanded Information on Supply and Demand 121

Chapter 10: Dreaming of the Consumer’s Delight: Perfect Competition 143

Part IV: Delving into Markets, Market Failure, and Welfare Economics 155

Chapter 11: Stepping into the Real World: Oligopoly and Imperfect Competition 157

Chapter 12: Appreciating the Fundamental Theorems of Welfare Economics 175

Chapter 13: The Monopoly Game 187

Chapter 14: Examining Market Failure: Pollution and Parks 203

Chapter 15: Understanding the Dangers of Asymmetric Information 215

Part V: Thinking Strategically: Life Is Just a Game! 225

Chapter 16: Playing Games with Economic Theory 227

Chapter 17: Keeping Things Stable: The Nash Equilibrium 245

Chapter 18: Knowing How to Win at Auctions 255

Chapter 19: Understanding the Game: Credible Threats and Signals 267

Part VI: The Part of Tens 277

Chapter 20: Meeting Ten Great Microeconomists 279

Chapter 21: Top Ten Tips to Take Away 287

Glossary 295

Index 301

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