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Medieval History For Dummies (0470747838) cover image

Medieval History For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-74783-4
408 pages
July 2010
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Part I: Starting Up the Middle Ages (450–800).

Chapter 1: Journeying Back to the Middle Ages: When, Where, What, Who?

Chapter 2: Finishing Off the Roman Empire and Entering the (Not So) Dark Ages.

Chapter 3: Settling in England with the Anglo-Saxons.

Chapter 4: Organising Early France & Germany: The Merovingians and Carolingians .

Chapter 5: Becoming Great: Charlemagne and the New Roman Empire.

Part II: Forming the Basis of Europe (850–1100).

Chapter 6: Laying the Foundations of Europe.

Chapter 7: Linking East and West: Islam in Europe.

Chapter 8: Invading from the North: The Vikings.

Chapter 9: Splitting the Church: Schisms between East and West.

Chapter 10: Revving Up the ‘Real’ Middle Ages with the Normans.

Part III: Waging Holy War: Crusading at Home and Abroad (1050–1300).

Chapter 11: Uncovering the Origins of the Crusades.

Chapter 12: Waging the First Crusade: 1096–1099.

Chapter 13: Struggling for Power: Popes Versus Monarchs.

Chapter 14: Waging the Second Crusade and Crusading at Home.

Chapter 15: Pitting Richard I Against Saladin: The Third Crusade.

Chapter 16: Following the Fourth Crusade and Other Failures.

Part IV: Dealing with Domestic Dramas: Parliament, Priories and Plagues (1200–1300).

Chapter 17: Having Trouble in England: John, Henry III and Edward I.

Chapter 18: Meeting Medieval Monks and Merchants.

Chapter 19: Piling On the Popes: Avignon and the Antipopes.

Chapter 20: Facing God’s Judgement: Dealing with the Black Death.

Part V: Ending the Middle and Beginning the Age of Discovery (1300–1492).

Chapter 21: Beginning One Hundred Years of War.

Chapter 22: Pausing the War: Dealing with Unrest at Home.

Chapter 23: Turning the Tide of War (Twice!): Henry V and Joan of Arc.

Chapter 24: Moving On from the Medieval Era.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 25: Ten Rubbish Rulers.

Chapter 26: Ten Medieval Pastimes.

Chapter 27: Ten Great Castles.

Chapter 28: Ten Medieval People Who Changed the World.

Chapter 29: Ten Great Medieval Innovations.


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