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Managing Teams For Dummies (0764554085) cover image

Managing Teams For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5408-7
360 pages
August 2002
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Part I: Getting Into Teams.

Chapter 1: Recognizing a Business Team When You See One.

Chapter 2: Creating a Team Culture: Going Beyond the Magic Wand.

Part II: Leadership for Team Success.

Chapter 3: Leading Teams as a Coach.

Chapter 4: Leading Teams Through Change.

Part III: Strategies for Building Productive Teams.

Chapter 5: The Focus Cornerstone: Seeing Where the Team Is Going, and How.

Chapter 6: Everyone Working Together: The Cohesiveness Cornerstone.

Chapter 7: Taking Responsibility: The Accountability Cornerstone.

Part IV: Developing Tools for Productive Team Players.

Chapter 8: Communicating: Listening and Speaking at Your Best.

Chapter 9: Problem-solving and Planning: Adding Method to the Madness.

Chapter 10: Resolving Conflicts on the Team.

Chapter 11: Making Decisions as a Team.

Chapter 12: Making the M Word (Meetings) Meaningful.

Part V: Managing Some Tougher Team Matters.

Chapter 13: Managing Without Supervisors: Self-Directed Teams.

Chapter 14: Managing Project Teams and Task Teams to Success.

Chapter 15: Show Us the Money: Incentives and Other Rewards for Teams.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 16: Ten Tips for Management Groups to Work as Teams.

Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Getting a Team Back on Track.

Chapter 18: Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player.


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