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MacBook For Dummies, 7th Edition (1119417252) cover image

MacBook For Dummies, 7th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-41725-5
432 pages
November 2017
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Introduction 1

Foolish Assumptions 1

About This Book 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 4

Where to Go from Here 4

Part 1: Tie Myself Down with a Desktop? Preposterous! 5

Chapter 1: Hey, It Really Does Have Everything I Need 7

An Overview of Your Mac Laptop 8

Meet the MacBooks 15

Location, Location, Location! 20

Unpacking and Connecting Your Laptop 21

Great, a Lecture about Handling My Laptop 23

An Overview of Mac Software Goodness 23

Other Stuff That Nearly Everyone Wants 26

Chapter 2: Turning On Your Portable Powerhouse 29

Tales of the On Button 30

Mark’s Favorite Signs of a Healthy Laptop 31

You Won’t Lecture Me about Batteries, Will You? 32

Setting Up and Registering Your Laptop 34

Importing Stuff from Another Mac 37

Importing Stuff from Windows (If You Must) 39

Chapter 3: The MacBook Owner’s Introduction to macOS High Sierra 41

Your Own Personal Operating System 42

Wait a Second: Where the Heck Are the Mouse Buttons? 47

Launching and Quitting Applications with Aplomb 50

Performing Tricks with Finder Windows 54

Juggling Folders and Icons 58

Keys and Keyboard Shortcuts to Fame and Fortune 65

Home, Sweet Home Folder 67

Working with Mission Control, Spaces, and Dashboard 69

Personalizing Your Desktop 72

Customizing the Dock 74

What’s with the Trash? 77

All You Really Need to Know about Printing 78

And Just in Case You Need Help 80

Part 2: Shaking Hands with macOS High Sierra 83

Chapter 4: What’s New in macOS High Sierra? 85

Under the Hood: The New Apple File System 86

Under the Hood: Better Video 87

Under the Hood: Improved Graphics and Virtual Reality 87

Adding Functionality to Photos 87

Improved Siri to the Rescue 88

Banish Scams and Advertisements! 89

Sharing the Joy of iCloud Drive 89

Away with Autoplay Videos! 90

Chapter 5: A Nerd’s Guide to System Preferences 91

An Explanation — without Jargon, No Less 92

Locating That Certain Special Setting 94

Popular Preferences Panes Explained 95

Chapter 6: Sifting Through Your Stuff 111

Doing a Basic Search 112

How Cool Is That? Discovering What Spotlight Can Do 114

Expanding Your Search Horizons 116

Customizing Spotlight to Your Taste 118

Chapter 7: Using Reminders, Notes, Notifications, and Maps 121

Remind Me to Use Reminders 122

Taking Notes the High Sierra Way 125

Staying Current with Notification Center 126

Introducing the Maps Application 129

Switching Views in Maps 131

Getting Directions Over Yonder 132

Part 3: Connecting and Communicating 135

Chapter 8: Let’s Go on Safari! 137

Pretend You’ve Never Used This Thing 138

Visiting Websites 139

Navigating the Web 141

Setting Up Your Home Page 144

Adding and Using Bookmarks 145

Working with the Reading List 147

Downloading Files 148

Using History 149

Tabs Are Your Browsing Friends 150

Printing Web Pages 152

Protecting Your Privacy 153

Chapter 9: iCloud Is Made for MacBooks 157

So How Does iCloud Work, Anyway? 158

Moving, Saving, and Opening iCloud Documents 159

Putting Handoff to Work 160

Configuring iCloud 161

Managing Your iCloud Storage 163

Chapter 10: Your Laptop Goes Multiuser 165

Once Upon a Time (An Access Fairy Tale) 166

Big-Shot Administrator Stuff 167

Mundane Chores for the Multiuser Laptop 180

Chapter 11: Working Well with Networks 187

What Exactly Is the Network Advantage? 188

Should You Go Wired or Wireless? 189

Be a Pal: Share Your Internet! 191

What Do I Need to Connect? 192

Connecting to the Network 201


Part 4: Living the iLife 209

Chapter 12: The Multimedia Joy of iTunes 211

What Can I Play on iTunes? 212

Playing an Audio CD 213

Playing Digital Audio Files 214

Watching Video 219

Keeping Slim Whitman and Slim Shady Apart: Organizing with Playlists 220

Know Your Songs 222

Ripping Audio Files 224

Tweaking the Audio for Your Ears 225

A New Kind of Radio Station 226

iTunes and iCloud Together 228

iSending iStuff to iPod, iPhone, and iPad 229

Sharing Your Media Across Your Network 230

Burning Music to Shiny Plastic Circles 231

Feasting on iTunes Visuals 233

Exercising Parental Authority 233

Buying Digital Media the Apple Way 235

Chapter 13: Focusing on Photos 237

Delving into Photos 237

Working with Images in Photos 240

Producing Your Own Coffee-Table Masterpiece 253

Exploring iCloud Photo Library 257

Putting My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing to Work 258

Chapter 14: Making Film History with iMovie 261

Shaking Hands with the iMovie Window 262

A Bird’s-Eye View of Moviemaking 265

Importing the Building Blocks 265

Building the Cinematic Basics 271

Creating an Honest-to-Goodness Movie Trailer 277

Sharing Your Finished Classic with Others 279

Chapter 15: Recording Your Hits with GarageBand 281

Shaking Hands with Your Band 282

Composing Made Easy 284

Sharing Your Songs 295

Part 5: Getting Productive and Maintaining Your Macbook 299

Chapter 16: Desktop Publishing with Pages 301

Creating a New Pages Document 302

Open an Existing Pages Document 303

Saving Your Work 303

Touring the Pages Window 304

Entering and Editing Text 305

Using Text, Shapes, and Graphics Boxes 305

The Three Amigos: Cut, Copy, and Paste 306

Formatting Text the Easy Way 307

Adding a Spiffy Table 308

Adding Alluring Photos 309

Adding a Background Shape 310

Are You Sure about That Spelling? 311

Printing Your Pages Documents 311

Sharing That Poster with Others 312

Chapter 17: Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers 313

Before You Launch Numbers 314

Creating a New Numbers Document 314

Opening an Existing Spreadsheet File 315

Save Those Spreadsheets! 316

Exploring the Numbers Window 317

Navigating and Selecting Cells in a Spreadsheet 318

Entering and Editing Data in a Spreadsheet 319

Selecting the Correct Number Format 320

Aligning Cell Text Just So 321

Formatting with Shading 322

Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns 323

The Formula Is Your Friend 323

Adding Visual Punch with a Chart 325

Printing Your Spreadsheet 326

Chapter 18: Building Presentations with Keynote 329

Creating a New Keynote Project 330

Opening a Keynote Presentation 331

Saving Your Presentation 332

Putting Keynote to Work 332

Adding Slides 334

Working with Text, Shapes and Graphics Boxes 334

Adding and Editing Slide Text 335

Formatting Slide Text for the Perfect Look 336

Using Presenter’s Notes in Your Project 336

Every Good Presentation Needs Media 337

Adding a Background Shape 338

Creating Your Keynote Slideshow 338

Printing Your Slides and Notes 339

Chapter 19: When Good Mac Laptops Go Bad 343

Repeat after Me: Yes, I Am a Tech! 344

Step-by-Step Laptop Troubleshooting 345

Okay, I Kicked It, and It Still Won’t Work 356

And Now. . . Windows? 357

Chapter 20: Adding New Stuff to Your Laptop 361

More Memory Will Help 362

Considering a Hard Drive Upgrade? 367

A List of Dreamy Laptop Add-Ons 370

Chapter 21: Tackling the Housekeeping 373

Cleaning Unseemly Data Deposits 374

Backing Up Your Treasure 378

Maintaining Hard Drive Health 382

Automating Those Mundane Chores 382

Updating macOS Automatically 385

Part 6: The Part of Tens 387

Chapter 22: Ten Laptop Rules to Follow 389

Keep Your Laptop in a Bag 390

Maximize Your RAM 390

Install a Tracker Application 391

Keepeth Thy Drive Encrypted 391

Brand Your MacBook 392

Disable Your Wireless 392

Take a Surge Protector with You 393

Use Power-Saving Features 394

Use an External Keyboard and Mouse 394

Not Again! What Is It with You and Backing Up? 395

Chapter 23: Ten Things to Avoid Like the Plague 397

USB 1.1 Storage Devices 398

Phishing Operations 398

Oddly Shaped Optical Discs 399

Submerged Keyboards 400

Antiquated Utility Software 400

Software Piracy 401

The Forbidden Account 401

Unsecured Wireless Connections 402

Refurbished Hardware 403

Dirty Laptops 403

Index 405

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