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Life Coaching For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-66554-1
384 pages
September 2010
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Part I: The Basics of Life Coaching.

Chapter 1: Introducing Life Coaching.

Chapter 2: Deciding What You Want to Take from Coaching.

Chapter 3: Preparing for Coaching.

Part II: Your Life Coaching Journey.

Chapter 4: Becoming Your Best Self.

Chapter 5: Choosing Your Beliefs.

Chapter 6: Discovering the Values that Motivate You.

Chapter 7: Stocking Up on Powerful Questions.

Chapter 8: Taking Stock of Now.

Chapter 9: Exploring Your Options.

Chapter 10: Planning Effective Action.

Part III: Focusing on the Elements of Your Life.

Chapter 11: Career and Work.

Chapter 12: Money, Wealth and Abundance.

Chapter 13: People and Relationships.

Chapter 14: Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being.

Chapter 15: Developing and Growing.

Part IV: Working with the Themes of Coaching.

Chapter 16: Attracting the Life You Want.

Chapter 17: Coaching Yourself to Happiness.

Chapter 18: Defi ning True Success.

Chapter 19: Tackling Common Blocks.

Part V: Creating a Harmonious Whole Life.

Chapter 20: Achieving Balance.

Chapter 21: Making a Life-Changing Decision.

Chapter 22: Applying Your Coaching Skills More Widely.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Life Coaching Beliefs about Yourself.

Chapter 24: Ten Questions to Keep Your Life on Track.

Chapter 25: Ten Daily Balancing Acts.

Chapter 26: Ten Inspirational Resources.

Appendix: Considering a Future as a Professional Life Coach.