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Leadership For Dummies (0764551760) cover image

Leadership For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5176-5
388 pages
August 1999
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PART I: What It Takes to Be a Leader.

Chapter 1: A Marshal's Baton in Every Soldier's Knapsack.

Chapter 2: Remember, They're Not Electing You Dictator for Life.

Chapter 3: Building Your Leadership Muscles.

Chapter 4: Which Hat Do I Wear? The Roles That Leaders Play.

PART II: Leadership Is a Process.

Chapter 5: Take the Lead? Me?

Chapter 6: The Missions of the Leader.

Chapter 7: The Responsibilities of a Leader.

PART III: The Art of Leadership.

Chapter 8: What Are the Skills of a Leader?

Chapter 9: Harnessing Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Chapter 10: What about Expectations?

Chapter 11: The Axioms of Leadership.

Chapter 12: Managing as a Leader.

Chapter 13: Leading When You Aren't Really the Leader.

PART IV: Leadership in Everyday Life.

Chapter 14: Volunteering Your Time and Skills.

Chapter 15: Taking the Lead as a Volunteer.

Chapter 16: Everyday Leadership: Training for Real Life.

Chapter 17: Leading When You Coach.

Chapter 18: Organizing Your Community: Lessons from Saul Alinsky.

PART V: Leadership and Vision.

Chapter 19: What's a Vision?

Chapter 20: Developing a Vision.

PART VI: Team Building.

Chapter 21: Why Depend on Teams?

Chapter 22: Creating a Winning Team.

Chapter 23: Team Learning.

Chapter 24: Spreading Team Knowledge Around.

Chapter 25: When Followers Won't Follow.

Chapter 26: Can the Situation Be Saved?

Chapter 27: Leading across Cultures.

PART VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 28: Ten Mistakes That Every Leader Makes.

Chapter 29: Ten Characteristics of a True Leader.

Chapter 30: Ten Ways to Master Leadership Skills.


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