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Kickstarter For Dummies (1118505433) cover image

Kickstarter For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-50543-4
208 pages
June 2013
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

How This Book Is Organized 2

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Chapter 1: Introducing Kickstarter 5

Looking at the Concept of Crowdfunding 5

Understanding How Funding on Kickstarter Works 7

Recognizing the Advantages of Kickstarter 8

Knowing What Kickstarter Does and Doesn’t Fund 10

Reading the Fine Print Before You Start 12

Reading through the FAQ 12

Going to Kickstarter’s virtual school 14

Following Kickstarter’s guidelines 14

Discovering the Crowdfunding Process 15

Chapter 2: Laying the Foundation for Your Kickstarter Campaign 19

Transforming Your Passion into a Kickstarter Project 20

Prepping to Start Your Project 21

What Makes Your Project Unique? Writing a Short Project Description 24

Creating the Long Project Description 26

Choosing media to support your description 27

Risks and Challenges 28

Making a Compelling Video 29

Outlining the content for your video 29

Choosing tools to make a great video 30

Understanding Kickstarter Categories 35

Introducing the categories 35

Choosing the right category 42

iPhone Elevation Dock: Realizing a Market Niche 43

Chapter 3: Deciding How Much to Ask For 47

Figuring How Much Your Project Will Cost 47

Outlining broad expense categories 48

Listing individual expenses 49

Trying to estimate those costs 50

Examining other Kickstarter campaigns 54

Estimating Potential Donations 57

Who you gonna call? 58

Evaluate your potential reward levels 59

Rewarding your backers 61

The Order of the Stick: Building on a Fan Base and Offering Creative Rewards 64

Building on a fan base 67

Getting creative with rewards 69

Throwing in the perks 71

Chapter 4: Creating a Realistic Timeline 73

Creating a Timeline for Your Campaign 75

Staggering the Reward Dates 78

Experiencing Success and Then Delays 79

iPhone Elevation Dock 79

Pebble E-Paper Watch 80

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Campaign 83

Kickstarting Your Kickstarter Account 84

Filling Out Your Project Profile 86

Setting Up Backer Rewards 90

Telling Your Project’s Story 91

Uploading your video 91

Filling out your project description 92

Adding Details about You 93

Activating Your Payment Account 94

Preparing for Kickstarter Review 96

Double-checking your campaign uploads 96

Conducting a final review and submitting your campaign 96

Chapter 6: Managing an Active Campaign 99

Launching Your Campaign 99

Creating a Compelling Call to Action 102

Contacting Potential Backers 102

Sending personal e-mails 103

Posting on Facebook 104

Using a Facebook business page 107

Tweeting about your campaign 108

Posting your campaign video on video-sharing sites 110

Tracking Your Backers 111

Contacting Your Backers through Kickstarter 113

Sending a message 113

Posting updates 114

Promoting Your Deadline 117

Paying to Promote Your Campaign 119

Buying advertising on Facebook 120

Purchasing other Internet or newspaper ads 121

Using promotional events and ideas to drive backers to your campaign 123

iPhone Elevation Dock: Getting the Word Out 125

Finding 40: Learning from My Own Kickstarter Campaign(s) 127

Looking at my project 127

Filling the content 128

Failing to use my own networks 129

Not strategizing properly 130

Second campaign: Success! 130

Chapter 7: Kickstarter for iPhone 133

Downloading the App 134

Logging In and Out 136

Touring the Kickstarter App Interface 137

Discovering projects 137

Checking other projects’ activities 138

Peeking into your profile 139

Managing Your Campaign from the Kickstarter App 140

Viewing and replying to messages 140

Seeing your account activity 141

Posting project updates for your backers 142

Chapter 8: Seeing the Light at the End of Your Campaign 145

Handling a Struggling or Unsuccessful Campaign 145

Thanking Your Backers 147

Building a Community around Your Project 148

Sustaining the community after your project ends 148

Fostering your community offline 149

Delivering Rewards to Your Backers 151

Downloading your Backer Report 151

Surveying your backers 154

Keeping Up with Kickstarter 157

Chapter 9: Ten Unique Reward Ideas 159

“Cover Me!”: Featuring Backers on Your Cover 159

“The Shirt Off Your Back”: Offering T-Shirts 161

“Naming Rights”: Including a Backer as a Character 162

“Autograph, Please”: Signing Your Work 163

“Casting Call”: Rewarding Backers with Bit Parts 164

“Curtain Call”: Sharing Tickets to Your Show 165

“Hero Worship”: Making a Backer the Hero of Your Project 166

“Dinner Guest”: Meeting Your Backers in Person 167

“Sign Me Up”: Offering Subscriptions 169

“Fly Me to the Moon”: Bringing an Out-of-Town Backer to an Event 170

Chapter 10: Ten Resources to Help with Your Campaign 173

Finding Kickstarter-Specific Resources 173

Learning from Other Kickstarter Stories 175

Budgeting for Your Project 176

Making a Business Plan 177

Writing Well 179

Copywriting Well 180

Writing Press Releases 182

Building a Basic Website 185

WordPresscom 187

Blogger 190

Tumblr 191

Taking Great Photos 191

Promoting Your Project or Event 192

Index 194

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