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Jane Austen For Dummies (0470008296) cover image

Jane Austen For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-00829-4
388 pages
July 2006
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Part I: Getting to Know Jane Austen, Lady and Novelist.

Chapter 1: Introducing Jane Austen.

Chapter 2: Visiting Jane Austen’s Georgian World.

Chapter 3: Being Jane Austen (1775–1817).

Chapter 4: Inspiring the Aspiring Novelist.

Part II: Austen Observes Ladies and Gentlemen.

Chapter 5: Practicing the Politics of Dancing.

Chapter 6: Playing the Dating Game: Courtship, Austen Style.

Chapter 7: Marrying: A Serious Business for Jane Austen and Her Characters.

Chapter 8: Wily Females and Seductive Males.

Part III: Living Life in Jane’s World.

Chapter 9: Looking at Ladies’ Limited Rights and Roles.

Chapter 10: Being a Man in a Man’s World.

Chapter 11: Experiencing Life at Home in Austen’s Day.

Chapter 12: Minding Your Manners.

Chapter 13: Following Religion and Morality for Jane Austen and Her Times.

Part IV: Enjoying Austen and Her Influence Today.

Chapter 14: Reading Jane Austen.

Chapter 15: Bringing Austen Novels to Stage, Screen, and Television.

Chapter 16: Determining Austen’s Literary Descendents.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten Most Memorable Austen Characters.

Chapter 18: Ten Best Austen-Related Books (Besides This One!).

Chapter 19: Ten Best Austen Places to Visit.

Chapter 20: Ten Best Austenisms (and What They Mean).

Appendix: Jane Austen Chronology.


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