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Inventing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4231-2
384 pages
May 2004
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Part I: Making Your Idea Yours.

Chapter 1: The Innovation Process.

Chapter 2: Patent Basics.

Chapter 3: Conducting a Patent Search.

Chapter 4: Applying For and Receiving Your Patent.

Chapter 5: Maintaining and Defending Your Patent.

Part II: Securing Other Intellectual Property.

Chapter 6: Trademarks and Trade Secrets.

Chapter 7: Stopping Copycats with a Copyright.

Chapter 8: Mum’s the Word: Keeping it Confidential.

Part III: Developing Your Idea.

Chapter 9: Prototyping: Making It Work.

Chapter 10: Hiring Helpers and Working with Work-for-Hire Agreements.

Chapter 11: Evaluating Your Invention’s Potential.

Chapter 12: Looking at the Production Process.

Part IV: Commercializing Your Invention.

Chapter 13: Developing a Business Plan.

Chapter 14: Finding Funding.

Chapter 15: Keeping Control with Your Own Business.

Chapter 16: Partnering and Manufacturing Arrangements.

Chapter 17: Preparing to Take Your Invention to Market.

Chapter 18: Marketing Your Product.

Chapter 19: Advertising Your Product.

Chapter 20: Licensing Your Product.

Chapter 21: Negotiating a License.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Key Contacts.

Chapter 23: Ten Inventions (and Inventors) That Changed the World.

Chapter 24: Ten Inventors to Emulate.

Part VI: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Sample Agreements.

Appendix B: Online Resources.