HDTV Premium Cable Kit For Dummies  (DUM89) cover image

The HDTV Premium Cable Kit For Dummies is perfect for consumers looking for a COMPLETE solution.  These consumers are looking for a solution that will do the following: 

Minimize Time:  The HDTV Premium Cable Kit For dummies makes installation easy by including everything needed to hook up the customer's entertainment devices to an HDTV.  In addition to the cables, a For Dummies styled instatllation poster, pamphlet, and online tutuorial are available to guide customers through the setup process.  If additional support is needed, customers can call our US based toll free customer service line. 

Optimize performance:  The HDMI cables provided in teh kit are independently tested an certified to perform at 1080p, the BEST digital processing level for HDTVs.  In addition to theindependent certification of the HDMI cables by Simplay(TM) Labs, all the cables included in the kit are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Provide high value:  The HDTV Premium Cable Kit For Dummies includes 3 high performance 1080p HDMI cables, 2 1080p component video cables, and 2 digital audio cables.