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Formula One Racing For Dummies (0764570153) cover image

Formula One Racing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7015-5
294 pages
November 2003
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“…ideal for both newcomers and fanatics, it’s simple explanation of the complex rule changes make it essential reading…” (Dorset Echo, 19 November 03)

“…filled with the strategies, politics and rivalries that have turned the sport into a global drama…essential reading…” (William, November 03)

 “…ideal for both newcomers and fanatics…essential reading…” (Western Morning News, November 03)

“…an excellent guide to how everything in the world of F1 operates…” (Top Gear Onlne, Nov 03)

 “…essential reading for this years race…simple yet comprehensive explanations on all aspects of the sport…” (Greenock telegraph, Nov 03)

“…Jonathan Noble and mark Hughes are to be congratulated on producing such an excellent, easy-to-understand insider’s guide to understanding Formula One…” (Derby Evening Telegraph, 12 December 2003)

“…an irreverent but highly informative look at the glory that is – and was – Great Brirtain…” (Shields Gazette, December 2003)

“…ideal for people who want to know all about the support…makes a perfect gift…” (Performance BMW, January 2004)

“…the format is bright and chatty and easily browsed…” (Yorkshire Post, November 2003)

“…apart from the depth and simplicity of its information, the book’s strength is its user-friendly index…the perfect dipper’s guide…” (Worcester Evening News, January 04)

“…an insiders guide to the racing scene, ideal for both newcomers to the event and its fanatical followers…” (York Evening press, February 04)

“…Formula One Racing For Dummies? Instant expert, more like…” (Newcastle Herald, 14 February 2004)

“…another high quality addition to the series….highly recommended…” (M2 Best Books, May 04)

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