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Flirting For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-74259-4
280 pages
September 2011
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Getting to Grips with Flirting Basics

1 Dishing the Flirt

2 Identifying Your Flirting Style

3 Grasping the Gender Gap

4 Flirting with Dates, Friends, and Colleagues

Get Noticed! Making Contact

5 Boosting Self Confidence

6 Spotting Who's Available

7 Making an Entrance

8 Making Conversation with Absolutely Anybody

9 Being Interesting and Interested

Developing Killer Rapport with Body Language

10 Giving Off the Right Signals

11 Letting Your Body Do the Talking

12 Reading Secret Flirting Signals

Taking the Next Step

13 Making the Next Move

14 Taking Things Further

15 Reducing the Risk of Rejection

The Part of Tens

16 Ten Top Opening Lines

17 Ten Flirting Faux Pas

18 Ten Ways to Ditch a Cling-On

19 Ten Tips for Safe Flirting