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Facebook Tips For Dummies App (WS100017) cover image

Facebook Tips For Dummies App

Platforms: iOS
Apple iOS
  • Description

Frazzled finding your way around Facebook?

The Facebook Tips For Dummies can clear things up. This hand app is your on-the-go guide to getting started, determining what should (and shouldn’t) go in your Profile, choosing who sees your information, discovering long-lost friends and making new ones, and much more. You’ll find easy-to-follow tips and hints to help you get going on Facebook, connect with people, protect your privacy, and have a little Facebook fun. This app is just what you need to make the most of your Facebook experience.

App Features:

Friends section helps you choose your Facebook friends wisely, make contact, search for old classmates or coworkers, and keep your Friend List up to date

Mobile section shows you how to Facebook with you everywhere you go – from accessing Facebook’s Mobile site to checking your inbox, checking in, and checking your credentials, you’ll learn easy ways to stay connected no matter where you are

Setup & Etiquette section helps guide you through the Facebook sign up process, adding personal information to customize your Facebook experience, setting up your Profile, and handling both wanted (and unwanted) friend requests

Photos & Video section teaches you how to upload photos from mobile devices, share your photo albums with friends outside of Facebook, edit and tag videos, add captions to your photos, and more

Privacy section helps you identify common security concerns, find fast fixes, and keep your personal information safe with tips on customizing your privacy settings, limiting who sees your information, preventing spam, understanding your responsibility, and more

Part of Tens section will give you the scoop on ten of our favorite Facebook applications and why they are so much fun to use

Search feature lets you search the entire app by keyword or phrase to help you find the information you need anytime and anywhere you want it

Share feature allows you to send your favorite tips and tricks to your friends and family via Facebook or e-mail

Don’t just take anyone’s Facebook advice at face value – download the Facebook Tips For Dummies app today!

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