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Facebook For Dummies, 7th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-45386-4
432 pages
March 2018
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Introduction 1

About Facebook for Dummies 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 3

Beyond the Book 3

Part 1: Getting Started with Facebook 5

Chapter 1: The Many Faces of Facebook 7

So What Is Facebook, Exactly? 8

Discovering What You Can Do on Facebook 10

Keeping in Mind What You Can’t Do on Facebook 15

Realizing How Facebook Is Different from Other Social Sites 17

How You Can Use Facebook 18

Chapter 2: Adding Your Own Face to Facebook 23

Signing Up for Facebook 23

Getting Started 25

What to Expect in Your Inbox 29

Your New Home Page 31

Adding More Friends 32

Filling out Your Profile Information 33

Chapter 3: Finding Your Way Around Facebook 35

Checking Out the Blue Bar on Top 36

Search 39

The Left-side Menu 40

Viewing News Feed 45

Right On 46

The Littlest Links 47

Part 2: Day-To-Day Facebook 49

Chapter 4: The Daily Facebook: News Feed and Posting 51

Your Daily News Feed 52

Trending 58

Interacting with News Feed 59

Adjusting News Feed 67

Sharing Your Own News 71

Chapter 5: Timeline: The Story of You 83

Scrolling Through Time 84

First Impressions 85

Telling Your Story 91

All About Me 100

Your Friends and Your Timeline 109

Chapter 6: Privacy and Safety on Facebook 111

Know Your Audience 112

Privacy on the Go 115

Privacy Shortcuts 117

Privacy Settings 119

Timeline Privacy 136

Privacy Tools 139

Remembering That It Takes a Village to Raise a Facebook 142

Peeking Behind the Scenes 143

One Final Call to Use Your Common Sense 145

Chapter 7: Facebook on the Go 147

The Facebook App 148

Facebook Messenger 178

The Facebook Family of Mobile Apps 184

Facebook on Your Mobile Browser 185

Facebook Texts 188

Part 3: Connecting with Friends on Facebook 191

Chapter 8: Finding Facebook Friends 193

What Is a Facebook Friend? 194

Adding Friends 195

Finding Your Friends on Facebook 198

Managing How You Interact with Friends 204

Chapter 9: Just between You and Me: Facebook Messages 213

Sending a Message 214

Message Options 220

The Chat Menu 224

Messenger Inbox 227

Messaging on the Go 232

Chapter 10: Sharing with Facebook Groups 233

Evaluating a Group 234

Sharing with a Group 237

Creating Your Own Groups 244

Group Dynamics 247

Being a group administrator 249

Part 4: What to Do on Facebook 257

Chapter 11: Filling Facebook with Photos and Videos 259

Viewing Photos from Friends 260

Adding Photos to Facebook 264

Editing and Tagging Photos 273

Working with Video 279

Discovering Privacy 282

Chapter 12: Buying, Selling, and Fundraising 285

Getting the Most Out of Marketplace 286

Belonging to Buy/Sell Groups 292

Fundraising for Causes 296

Chapter 13: Scheduling Your Life with Events 303

You’re Invited! 303

Public Events 306

Viewing Events 306

Creating Your Own Events 307

Managing Your Event 310

Chapter 14: Creating a Page for Promotion 313

Getting to Know Pages 314

Creating a Facebook Page 317

Sharing as a Page 323

Using Facebook as Your Page 330

Managing a Page 331

Insights: Finding Out Who Is Using Your Page 344

Chapter 15: Using Facebook with Games, Websites, and Apps 347

What Apps Need 348

Games on Facebook 350

Using Facebook Outside of Facebook 355

Mobile Apps and Facebook 358

Managing Your Games, Websites, and Apps 359

Part 5: The Part of Tens 365

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Content 367

Remember the Past 367

Scrapbook Your Baby Photos 368

Say Thanks 369

Give Your Photos Some Flair 369

Review the Last Year (or Years) 369

Make your status stand out 370

Add Tags 370

Go Live 370

Use Stickers or GIFs in Your Messages 371

Friend-a-versaries 371

Chapter 17: Ten Ways Facebook Uniquely Impacts Lives 373

Keeping in Touch with Far-Away Friends 373

Preparing to Head Off to School 374

Going on Not-So-Blind Dates 374

Meeting People in Your New City or Town 375

Reconnecting with Old Friends 375

Keeping Up with the ’Rents or the Kids 375

Facebook Networking 376

Facebook for Good 377

Going to the Chapel 377

Hey, Facebook Me! 378

Chapter 18: Ten Frequently Asked Questions 379

Do People Know When I Look at Their Timelines? 380

I Friended Too Many People and Now I Don’t

Like Sharing Stuff — What Can I Do? 380

What’s with the New Facebook — Can I Change It Back? 381

I Have a Problem with My Account — Can You Help Me? 381

What Do I Do with Friend Requests I Don’t Want to Accept? 382

Why Can’t I Find My Friend? 383

Will Facebook Start Charging Me to Use the Site? 384

How Do I Convince My Friends to Join Facebook? 384

What If I Don’t Want Everyone Knowing My Business? 385

Does Facebook Have a Feature That Lets Me Lock Myself Out for a Few Hours? 385

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Parents of Teens on Facebook 387

Talk to Teens about General Internet Safety 388

Beware of Strangers 388

Teach Teens How to Report Abuse 388

Teach Teens How to Block People 389

Learn to Use Privacy Settings 389

Talk about Posts and Consequences 390

Remember the Golden Rule 390

Respect Teens’ Boundaries 390

Don’t Send Friend Requests to Teens’ Friends 391

Make Space for Your Own Social Life, and Your Family Life, on Facebook 391

Index 393