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Ethics For Dummies (0470650443) cover image

Ethics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-65044-8
384 pages
April 2010
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Part I: Ethics 101: Just the Basics, Please.

Chapter 1: Approaching Ethics: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Chapter 2: Butting Heads: Is Ethics Just a Matter of Opinion?

Part II: Uncovering the Roots of Ethics.

Chapter 3: Human Nature and Ethics: Two Big Questions.

Chapter 4: Exploring Connections between Ethics, Religion, and Science.

Chapter 5: Seeing Ethics as Harmful: Three Famous Criticisms.

Part III: Surveying Key Ethical Theories.

Chapter 6: Being an Excellent Person: Virtue Ethics.

Chapter 7: Increasing the Good: Utilitarian Ethics.

Chapter 8: Doing Your Duty: The Ethics of Principle.

Chapter 9: Signing on the Dotted Line: Ethics as Contract.

Chapter 10: The Golden Rule: Common Sense Ethics.

Chapter 11: Turning Down the Testosterone: Feminist Care Ethics.

Part IV: Applying Ethics to Real Life.

Chapter 12: Dealing with Mad Scientists: Biomedical Ethics.

Chapter 13: Protecting the Habitat: Environmental Ethics.

Chapter 14: Serving the Public: Professional Ethics.

Chapter 15: Keeping the Peace: Ethics and Human Rights.

Chapter 16: Getting It On: The Ethics of Sex.

Chapter 17: Looking Out for the Little Guy: Ethics and Animals.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Famous Ethicists and Their Theories.

Chapter 19: Ten Ethical Dilemmas Likely to Arise in the Future.


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