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Employee Engagement For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-72579-5
360 pages
December 2013
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Foreword xiii

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Employee Engagement 5

Chapter 1: Basic Training: Employee Engagement Basics 7

Chapter 2: The Hard Sell: Making a Business Case for Employee Engagement 15

Chapter 3: Engagement Gauges: Finding Your Employee Engagement Baseline 31

Chapter 4: Motivation Nation: Engagement and Motivation 47

Chapter 5: Talk to Me! The Importance of Communication 59

Part II: Strategies for Driving Engagement 89

Chapter 6: Winning Their Hearts and Minds: Driving Engagement with a Sense of Purpose 91

Chapter 7: People Who Lead People: Engaging Employees through Leadership 105

Chapter 8: Talkin’ ’Bout My Generation: Driving Engagement across Generations 121

Chapter 9: Go, Team! Driving Engagement through Team Development 139

Chapter 10: Brandy, You’re a Fine Girl: Driving Engagement through Branding 163

Chapter 11: Game On! Driving Engagement with Gamification 177

Part III: Selecting the Right Employees to Increase Engagement 189

Chapter 12: You’re Hired! Hiring for Engagement 191

Chapter 13: Why Do You Want to Work Here? Interviewing Job Candidates 217

Chapter 14: All Aboard! Onboarding Techniques to Foster Engagement 235

Part IV: Measuring and Recognizing Engagement 245

Chapter 15: Measure Up: Measuring Performance and Engagement 247

Chapter 16: Goal! Setting Performance Goals and Conducting Performance Appraisals 261

Chapter 17: You Win! Rewards and Recognition 281

Chapter 18: Help Me! Helping Struggling Employees 297

Part IV: The Part of Tens 311

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Engage New Hires 313

Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Additional Employee Engagement Resources 319

Chapter 21: Ten Ways Engaged Employees Help Your Bottom Line 325

Index 331