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Digital SLR Photography Toolkit For Dummies App (WS100043) cover image

Digital SLR Photography Toolkit For Dummies App

Platforms: iOS
Apple iOS
  • Description

Whether you’re moving from a film SLR to digital or trading in your point-and-shoot for the latest digital SLR offering, there’s a lot to learn. This must-have app has the scoop on the latest digital photography techniques, tips on composing and lighting, tools for finding the right settings for a perfect shot, and a whole lot more!

App Features:

40 Easy-to-Follow Tutorials give you valuable tips and techniques to help you get started taking professional-quality shots the fun and easy way…and fast

Interactive Shoot Diary records and stores important information from your photo sessions like location, time of day, shoot notes, and even a reference image; view other pictures taken from the same location and share your diary entries through e-mail and Facebook

Settings Finder Tool provides you with recommended ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds along with explanations and tips for the type of shot you’re taking and the overall conditions of your shooting environment

Exposure Calculator gives you guidance on what ISO, aperture, and shutter speeds work together best for optimum image quality and allows you to experiment with different settings to achieve desired results

Checklists Feature helps you choose the essential equipment you should be sure to take along for common shooting scenarios like weddings, vacations, sporting events, and more

Camera Controls section gives you a closer look at the buttons, dials, and symbols found on some of the most popular digital SLR models and helps you familiarize yourself with common camera features

Tripod level tool turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a tripod level to make sure your camera positioning is perfect; Flashlight Tool gives you a handy light source for adjusting camera settings and packing up gear on night shoots; bonus Rule of Thirds Tool for iPhone users provides additional practice composing your shots

Glossary cuts through the jargon and reveals the plain-English definition for over 200 of the most common digital photography terms

Part of Tens is packed with bonus tips to help turn your every day photos into amazing images, take advantage of cool online resources, maintain your camera, and more

Get more from your digital camera with the Digital SLR Photography Toolkit For Dummies app as your guide!

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