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Digital Camera Tips For Dummies App (WS100041) cover image

Digital Camera Tips For Dummies App

Platforms: iOS
Apple iOS
  • Description

Digital cameras make taking pictures easier – but to turn your everyday shots into extraordinary photos, you need to know more than how to snap a shot. This handy app is your mini guide to the latest digital photography tips and tricks for getting more from your digital camera. Packed with helpful hints on choosing the right equipment and accessories, setting the scene, lighting, composing your shot, working with exposure, and more, you’ll never miss another photo opportunity with the Digital Cameras Tips For Dummies app at hand.

App Features:

People & Events section helps you create the right shooting environment for your photos and gives you the inside scoop on putting your subjects at ease and capturing their personality in your shots

Equipment section features easy tips for buying the right camera for your needs, choosing a lens, using filters, preserving image quality, saving your photos, and more

Composition section helps you identify potential issues with your shots and head them off from the start – including minimizing background distractions with Depth of Field techniques, making nature and landscape photos more memorable, adding texture and definition to your shots, shooting from interesting angles, and working without a flash

Exposure section shows you how to choose the right camera settings, shoot in manual and program mode, avoid camera shake, blur an image, keep pixel noise to a minimum, and more

Part of Tens section highlights ten easy-to-follow guidelines for taking perfect pictures and capturing cool video with your digital camera

Search feature lets you search the entire app by keyword or phrase to help you find the information you need anytime and anywhere you want it

Share feature allows you to send your favorite tips and tricks to your friends and family via Facebook or e-mail

Whether this is the first-time you’ve gone digital or you made the move months ago, this app gives you the on-the-go information and confidence you need to take better photos with your digital camera!

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