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Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies, 4th Edition (1118944275) cover image

Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-94427-1
416 pages
December 2014
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Introduction  1

Part I: Flourishing with Diabetes  5

Chapter 1: What It Means to Flourish with Diabetes 7

Chapter 2: How What You Eat Affects Your Diabetes  19

Chapter 3: Planning Meals for Your Weight Goal  37

Chapter 4: Eating What You Like  47

Chapter 5: How the Supermarket Can Help  61

Part II: Healthy Recipes That Taste Great  71

Chapter 6: The Benefits of Breakfast  73

Chapter 7: Hors d’Oeuvres and First Courses: Off to a Good Start  91

Chapter 8: The Benefits of Soup  109

Chapter 9: The Versatility of Salads  129

Chapter 10: Stocking Up on Grains and Legumes  153

Chapter 11: The Key Role of Vegetables  173

Chapter 12: Fish: Good Protein, Good Fat  205

Chapter 13: Poultry: Moist and Delicious  229

Chapter 14: Eating Meat Occasionally  243

Chapter 15: Snacking without Guilt  255

Chapter 16: Making Room for Dessert  271

Part III: Eating Healthy Away from Home  287

Chapter 17: Making Eating Out a Nourishing Experience  289

Chapter 18: Fast Food on Your Itinerary  299

Part IV: The Part of Tens  313

Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) Simple Steps to Change Your Eating Habits  315

Chapter 20: Ten Simple Steps to Adopting a Mediterranean Diet  323

Chapter 21: Ten Keys to a Normal Blood Glucose 333

Chapter 22: Ten Strategies for Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits  341

Part V: Appendixes  347

Appendix A: Restaurant Descriptions  349

Appendix B: Glossary of Key Cooking Terms  361

Appendix C: Conversion Guide  365

Appendix D: Other Recipe Sources for People with Diabetes  369

Index  373

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