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Crocheting For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4151-3
368 pages
July 2004
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Susan Brittain’s fascination with crochet began very early, around 4 or 5 years of age. She would watch her grandmother, who had lost her sight in midlife, spend hours crocheting beautiful Afghans for friends and family, counting the stitches with her fingers. By the age of 8, Susan was crocheting her own projects, starting with simple patterns such as scarves and moving on to Afghans, toys, and sweaters. Although her creative streak has led her to learn many different crafts, crochet has been a steady thread throughout. Susan combined work with pleasure as assistant editor for Crochet Fantasy magazine for a little more than two years, contributing as a designer as well. After moving west with her family, she continues to be a contributing editor and designer.

Karen Manthey’s first attempt at crocheting, while attending Mount Holyoke College, involved mixing wool and acrylic yarns to produce a granny square Afghan that (after washing and drying) resembled a relief map of the English countryside! Through the 1970s, while working as a graphic artist, Karen explored many arts and crafts, and her skill at crochet improved. In 1984, her training in art and understanding of crochet led her to a job illustrating the magazine Crochet Fantasy. Her task was to create the intricate crochet diagrams that accompany many patterns today, using the International Crochet Symbols. She soon moved on to editor of the magazine, while continuing to do the illustrations. Karen has also honed her skills by designing her own patterns and has had many of her creations published in Crochet Fantasy magazine. Her skill as an illustrator can also be seen in the book, Crochet Your Way, by Gloria Tracy and Susan Levin.