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Credit Repair Kit For Dummies, 4th Edition (1118821572) cover image

Credit Repair Kit For Dummies, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-82157-2
416 pages
March 2014
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Credit Repair 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Credit Repair, Credit Scores, and Your Life on Credit 9

Chapter 2: Turning Your Credit Around 25

Chapter 3: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports 41

Chapter 4: Getting the Best Help for Bad Credit for Free 57

Chapter 5: Coping with Debt Collection 69

Chapter 6: Working with Collectors, Lawyers, and the Courts to Manage Debt Obligations 91

Part II: Reducing Credit Damage from Major Setbacks 109

Chapter 7: Reducing Credit Damage in a Mortgage Crisis 111

Chapter 8: Starting Over Again with Bankruptcy 127

Chapter 9: Repairing Credit Damage in the Wake of Identity Theft 145

Part III: Rebuilding Credit, No Matter Where or When You Begin 155

Chapter 10: Starting (or Restarting) Your Credit in Real Life 157

Chapter 11: Ending Life’s Negative Credit Surprises 177

Chapter 12: Protecting Your Credit During Major Life Challenges 189

Part IV: Big Brother Credit Is Watching You: Credit Reporting and Scoring 219

Chapter 13: Discovering How Credit Reporting Works 221

Chapter 14: Understanding Credit Reports and Scores 235

Chapter 15: Monitoring Your Credit Reports and Scores 261

Part V: Never Have Bad Credit Again! Successful Credit Management for Life 271

Chapter 16: Putting Yourself in Control of Your Credit 273

Chapter 17: Taking a Sustainable Approach to Your Credit 281

Chapter 18: Safeguarding Your Credit with a Spending Plan 293

Chapter 19: Knowing Your Rights to Protect Your Credit 319

Chapter 20: Protecting Your Identity 335

Part VI: The Part of Tens 349

Chapter 21: Ten Consumer Protections Everyone Needs to Know 351

Chapter 22: Ten Strategies for Dealing with Student Loans 359

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Deal with a Mortgage Meltdown 369

Index 377

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