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Computer Forensics For Dummies (047045783X) cover image

Computer Forensics For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-45783-2
400 pages
November 2008
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Part I: Digging Out and Documenting Electronic Evidence.

Chapter 1: Knowing What Your Digital Devices Create, Capture, and Pack Away — Until Revelation Day.

Chapter 2: Suiting Up for a Lawsuit or Criminal Investigation.

Chapter 3: Getting Authorized to Search and Seize.

Chapter 4: Documenting and Managing the Crime Scene.

Part II: Preparing to Crack the Case.

Chapter 5: Minding and Finding the Loopholes.

Chapter 6: Acquiring and Authenticating E-Evidence.

Chapter 7: Examining E-Evidence.

Chapter 8: Extracting Hidden Data.

Part III: Doing Computer Forensic Investigations.

Chapter 9: E-Mail and Web Forensics.

Chapter 10: Data Forensics.

Chapter 11: Document Forensics.

Chapter 12: Mobile Forensics.

Chapter 13: Network Forensics.

Chapter 14: Investigating X-Files: eXotic Forensics.

Part IV: Succeeding in Court.

Chapter 15: Holding Up Your End at Pretrial.

Chapter 16: Winning a Case Before You Go to Court.

Chapter 17: Standing Your Ground in Court.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Get Qualifi ed and Prepped for Success.

Chapter 19: Ten Tactics of an Excellent Investigator and a Dangerous Expert Witness.

Chapter 20: Ten Cool Tools for Computer Forensics.



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