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CBT At Work For Dummies (1119067383) cover image

CBT At Work For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-119-06738-2
368 pages
November 2015
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Nip workplace stress in the bud with CBT

Packed with useful tips that make it easy to incorporate CBT—Cognitive Behavioral Therapy— into your working day, CBT at Work For Dummies helps you reap the benefits of a more focused working life. You'll discover how integrating CBT at work promotes improved productivity and concentration, lower staff turnover, enhanced employer/employee and client relationships, reduced cost of staff absenteeism caused by illness, injury, stress, and more.

An alarming number of individuals in the UK and across the globe suffer from work-related stress, some to the point of experiencing illness. The good news is, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy—often associated with treating acute mental health conditions—is finding its way into the workplace, where it's being used as a way to combat one of the most common occupational health issues: stress. In this friendly and accessible guide, you'll find everything you need to put CBT into practice today, whether you're in charge of managing employee wellness or just want to find a positive and productive way to get through the workday yourself.

  • Answers the call of business leaders seeking creative solutions to enhance productivity and minimize the effects of stress in the workplace
  • Offers employees trusted ways to be more effective in the workplace while reducing personal stress levels
  • Arms learning and development professionals with the know-how to apply mindfulness meditation in the workplace
  • Details the benefits of making CBT a part of your business plan

If you're an employer looking to get the best out of your staff or an employee interested in reducing stress and anxiety whilst achieving an enhanced performance at work, CBT at Work For Dummies can help.

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