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Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies (0470466537) cover image

Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-46653-7
384 pages
July 2009
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Part I: Mapping the Boundaries of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Chapter 1: Exploring Borderline Personality Disorder.

Chapter 2: Defi ning Personality to Understand BPD.

Chapter 3: Describing BPD.

Chapter 4: Who Gets BPD and Why?

Part II: Taking Note of the Major BPD Symptoms.

Chapter 5: Sensation Seeking and Self-Harm: The Impulsivity of BPD.

Chapter 6: Explosive Feelings and Moods.

Chapter 7: Missing Persons: Identity Problems and BPD.

Chapter 8: Perceiving, Understanding, and Relating to Others.

Chapter 9: BPD and Extreme Thinking.

Chapter 10: Slipping Away from Reality.

Part III: Making the Choice to Change.

Chapter 11: Preparing to Conquer BPD.

Chapter 12: Breaking Through Barriers to Change.

Chapter 13: Explaining BPD to Others.

Chapter 14: Taking Care of Yourself.

Part IV: Treatments for BPD.

Chapter 15: Inhibiting Impulsivity.

Chapter 16: Calming the Storms Within.

Chapter 17: Creating an Identity.

Chapter 18: Putting Yourself in Other People’s Shoes.

Chapter 19: Finding Shades of Gray: Changing Problematic Core Beliefs.

Chapter 20: Considering Medication for BPD.

Part V: Advice for People Who Care.

Chapter 21: What to Do When Your Partner Has BPD.

Chapter 22: Befriending People with BPD.

Chapter 23: Parenting Children at Risk for BPD.

Chapter 24: Advice for Adult Children of BPD Parents.

Chapter 25: Advice for Therapists of People with BPD.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 26: Ten Quick Ways to Settle Down.

Chapter 27: Ten Ways to Say You’re Sorry.

Chapter 28: Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Resources for You.

Appendix B: Forms to Help You Battle BPD.


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