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Birds For Dummies (0764551396) cover image

Birds For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5139-0
380 pages
September 1999
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PART I: Which Bird For You?

Chapter 1: Birds and Humans: It's Only Natural!

Chapter 2: Narrowing the Choices.

Chapter 3: A Bird of Your Own.

PART II: Caring for your Bird Properly.

Chapter 4: All the Right Stuff.

Chapter 5: Starting Your Bird Off Right.

Chapter 6: The New Art, Science, and Fun of Feeding Birds Right.

Chapter 7: Beyond Food and Water: Bird Basics.

PART III: Keeping your Bird Healthy.

Chapter 8: How Birds Work: The Short Course.

Chapter 9: A Preventive Care Approach to Your Bird's Health.

Chapter 10: Your Bird in Sickness - and Back to Health.

Chapter 11: Lifelong Care for Your Bird.

PART IV: Living Happily with your Bird.

Chapter 12: Getting to "Good Bird!": Dealing with Behavior Problems.

Chapter 13: Living in a Multiple-Bird Household.

PART V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 14: Ten Bird Myths -

Chapter 15: Ten Steps to a Healthy Bird.

Chapter 16: Ten Questions to Ask When Buying a Bird.

Chapter 17: Ten Must-See Avian Web Sites.

Chapter 18: Ten Best Birds for Beginners.

Chapter 19: Ten Common Dangers to Your Bird's Life.

Chapter 20: Ten Disaster-Planning Tips for Bird-Lovers.

Chapter 21: Ten Classic Bird Jokes (Just the Clean Ones).

Appendix: Additional Resources.

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