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Beginning Programming All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-10854-3
720 pages
June 2008
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Book I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: Getting Started Programming a Computer.

Chapter 2: Different Methods for Writing Programs.

Chapter 3: Types of Programming Languages.

Chapter 4: Programming Tools.

Chapter 5: Managing Large Projects with Software Engineering.

Book II: Programming Basics.

Chapter 1: How Programs Work.

Chapter 2: Variables, Data Types, and Constants.

Chapter 3: Manipulating Data.

Chapter 4: Making Decisions by Branching.

Chapter 5: Repeating Commands by Looping.

Chapter 6: Breaking a Large Program into Subprograms.

Chapter 7: Breaking a Large Program into Objects.

Chapter 8: Reading and Saving Files.

Chapter 9: Documenting Your Program.

Chapter 10: Principles of User Interface Design.

Book III: Data Structures.

Chapter 1: Structures and Arrays.

Chapter 2: Sets and Linked Lists.

Chapter 3: Collections and Dictionaries.

Chapter 4: Stacks, Queues, and Deques.

Chapter 5: Graphs and Trees.

Book IV: Algorithms.

Chapter 1: Sorting Algorithms.

Chapter 2: Searching Algorithms.

Chapter 3: String Searching.

Chapter 4: Data Compression Algorithms.

Chapter 5: Encryption Algorithms.

Book V: Web Programming.

Chapter 1: HyperText Markup Language.

Chapter 2: CSS.

Chapter 3: JavaScript.

Chapter 4: PHP.

Chapter 5: Ruby.

Book VI: Programming Language Syntax.

Chapter 1: C and C++.

Chapter 2: Java and C#.

Chapter 3: Perl and Python.

Chapter 4: Pascal and Delphi.

Chapter 5: Visual Basic and REALbasic.

Book VII: Applications.

Chapter 1: Database Management.

Chapter 2: Bioinformatics.

Chapter 3: Computer Security.

Chapter 4: Artificial Intelligence.

Chapter 5: The Future of Computer Programming.