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Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies (1118085450) cover image

Beginning Flash Game Programming For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-08545-5
408 pages
May 2011
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Part I: Basic Flash.

Chapter 1: Why You Want to Write Games in Flash.

Chapter 2: Cruising and Using the Flash Environment.

Part II: The Next Steps.

Chapter 3: Altered States.

Chapter 4: Getting with the Program.

Chapter 5: Making an Interactive Game.

Part III: Sprites, or Movie Clips.

Chapter 6: Introducing Sprites and Movie Clips.

Chapter 7: Won’t Be Long ’Til You Write Pong.

Part IV: Getting Control of the Situation.

Chapter 8: Keyboard Input and Audio Output.

Chapter 9: It’s Alive! Animating Your Sprites.

Chapter 10: Building the Monster Traffic Game.

Part V: Phun with Phuzzy Physics.

Chapter 11: Vectors and Gravity.

Chapter 12: Vehicle Motion.

Chapter 13: The Life and Death of Sprites.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 14: Ten Math Concepts for Game Programmers.

Chapter 15: Ten Game Starters.


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