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Back Pain Remedies For Dummies (0764551329) cover image

Back Pain Remedies For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-5132-1
388 pages
May 1999
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PART I: Getting Back to Back Basics.

Chapter 1: Ouch! The Problem of Back Pain.

Chapter 2: Introducing the Parts of Your Spine.

Chapter 3: The Root of All Back Pain.

Chapter 4: Out of Your Hands: When to Seek Help and from Whom.

PART II: Conventional Treatment Options.

Chapter 5: Home Remedies: First Aid for Your Back Attack.

Chapter 6: Back Pain under the Microscope: Common Medical Tests.

Chapter 7: Going the Conservative Treatment Route.

Chapter 8: Choosing to Have Back Surgery.

PART III: Complementary Approaches: Are They for you?

Chapter 9: Ancient Eastern Wisdom and Contemporary Ideas.

Chapter 10: A Chiropractic Solution to Back Pain.

Chapter 11: All in Knots: Yoga for Your Back Problem.

Chapter 12: Using the Power of the Mind-Body Connection.

PART IV: Rehabilitation.

Chapter 13: The Importance of Posture.

Chapter 14: Exercising Your Way to a Healthy Back.

Chapter 15: Products for Better Back Health.

PART V: Resuming Normal Activity and Preventing Future Injury: Work, Play, and Sex.

Chapter 16: Getting Back to Work.

Chapter 17: Safely Returning to Your Favorite Sports: The Weekend Warrior.

Chapter 18: Sex and Back Pain: Getting "Back" in the Saddle.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 19: Ten Most Common Questions about Back Pain.

Chapter 20: Ten Steps to a Healthy Back.

Chapter 21: Ten Reasons to See a Doctor for Back Pain.

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Working Successfully with Your Doctor.

Chapter 23: Ten Hot Topics in Back Pain.

Appendix A.

Appendix B.


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