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Auto Repair For Dummies, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-7645-9902-6
552 pages
November 2008
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Part I: Getting to Know Your Vehicle.

Chapter 1: Things Every Driver Should Know.

Chapter 2: Preventive Maintenance: A Monthly Under-the-Hood Check.

Chapter 3: The Way to Your Car’s Heart Is through Your Toolbox.

Chapter 4: What Makes It Go? The Inner Secrets of Your Car Revealed!

Part II: Powering Up with Air, Fuel, and Fire.

Chapter 5: The Electrical System: Your Car’s Spark of Life.

Chapter 6: Keeping Your Electrical System in Tune.

Chapter 7: The Traditional Fuel System: The Heart and Lungs of Your Car.

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Fuel System in Tune.

Chapter 9: Diesels For Dummies.

Chapter 10: From Horses to Hybrids: Alternatively Powered Vehicles.

Part III: Staying Cool and In Control.

Chapter 11: The Cooling System Up Close.

Chapter 12: Keeping Your Car from Getting Heartburn.

Chapter 13: Oil: Keeping Your Car Young and Happy.

Chapter 14: It’s the Brakes!

Chapter 15: Be a Buddy to Your Brakes and Bearings.

Part IV: Smoothing the Ride: Steering and Suspension, Tires and Transmissions.

Chapter 16: Steering and Suspension Systems Smooth the Way.

Chapter 17: How to Keep Your Car from Getting Sore Feet: Tires, Alignment, and Balancing.

Chapter 18: Take the Drive Train: Understanding and Maintaining Your Transmission without Losing Your Mind.

Part V: Staying Safe and Dealing with Emergencies.

Chapter 19: Staying Safe on the Road.

Chapter 20: Troubleshooting Leaks, Squeaks, Smells, and Strange Sensations.

Chapter 21: What to Do If Your Car Drops Dead or Won’t Start.

Chapter 22: When All Else Fails: Finding and Dealing with a Good Mechanic.

Part VI: Helping Your Vehicle Look Its Best.

Chapter 23: Keeping Your Vehicle Clean and Beautiful.

Chapter 24: Bodywork: Getting Rid of Dings, Dents, and Other Hard Knocks.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 25: The Ten Most Important Preventive Maintenance Measure.

Chapter 26: Ten “Eco-Logical” Ways to Save Fuel.

Appendix A: A Practical Glossary of Automotive Terms.

Appendix B: Specifications and Maintenance Record.