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Apache, MySQL, and PHP Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (0764549693) cover image

Apache, MySQL, and PHP Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4969-4
760 pages
December 2003
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Book I: Configuring Linux and Windows for Apache.

Chapter 1: Configuring Linux.

Chapter 2: Configuring Windows.

Chapter 3: Ten Third-Party Packages That Enhance Security.

Book II: Building an Apache Web Site.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Apache Web Server.

Chapter 2: Installing Apache.

Chapter 3: Configuring Apache.

Chapter 4: Apache Modules.

Chapter 5: Ten Security Tips.

Book III: Perl Web Site Automation.

Chapter 1: Introducing Perl.

Chapter 2: Simple Data Types.

Chapter 3: Comparing and Testing Variables.

Chapter 4: Controlling the Structure of Your Program.

Chapter 5: Processing Text Files and Directories.

Chapter 6: Advanced Perl Coding.

Chapter 7: Perl and CGI Scripts.

Chapter 8: Ten Useful Perl Functions.

Book IV: Tcl/Tk Front End Development.

Chapter 1: What Are Tcl and Tk?

Chapter 2: Processing Variables and Expressions.

Chapter 3: Controlling the Structure.

Chapter 4: Building Procedures.

Chapter 5: Manipulating Files.

Chapter 6: Programming with the Tcl Packages.

Chapter 7: Designing GUIs with Tk.

Chapter 8: Arranging Controls, Drawing Pictures, and Handling Text.

Chapter 9: Displaying Standard Dialog Boxes in Tk.

Chapter 10: Ten Useful Tcl/Tk Tools.

Book V: PHP Web Pages for Dynamic Content.

Chapter 1: What You Can Do with PHP.

Chapter 2: Writing Server-Side Scripts.

Chapter 3: Storing Information.

Chapter 4: Controlling the Program Flow.

Chapter 5: Arrays and Functions.

Chapter 6: Interacting with HTML.

Chapter 7: Advanced Programming with PHP.

Chapter 8: Creating Graphics.

Chapter 9: Modeling Data with Classes.

Chapter 10: Ten Ways to Enhance Your Web Site.

Book VI: MySQL Databases on the Web.

Chapter 1: What Is MySQL?

Chapter 2: Managing Databases and Tables.

Chapter 3: Relating Your Data.

Chapter 4: Accessing MySQL from PHP.

Chapter 5: Querying with SQL and PHP.

Chapter 6: Accessing MySQL from Perl.

Chapter 7: Creating a Username System for Your Web Site.

Chapter 8: Ten Ways to Enhance a Web Site with Databases.

Book VII: Processing Web Files with Regular Expressions.

Chapter 1: Why Use Regular Expressions?

Chapter 2: Following the Syntax of Regular Expressions.

Chapter 3: Customizing, Searching, and Replacing.

Chapter 4: Grouping and Capturing.

Chapter 5: Joining, Splitting, and Making Up.

Chapter 6: Processing Multiple Lines and Files.

Chapter 7: Processing HTML Files.

Chapter 8: Ten Regular Expression Gotchas.

Book VIII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Managing Files with CVS.

Appendix B: Understanding Open-Source Licenses.


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