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Access VBA Programming For Dummies (0764574116) cover image

Access VBA Programming For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-7411-5
408 pages
August 2004
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Chapter 6 Source Code

Here you can download all the source code from this book. The files are organized by chapter. Please note that these samples are saved in a ZIP format archive. You can download the individual chapter or if you have a high speed internet connection, we have included all of the chapter files in one download file. To access them, you'll may need to install a program capable of reading ZIP format archives, such as WinZip or WinRAR.

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Chapter 7 Source Code 11.36 KB Click to Download
Chapter 8 Source Code 18.61 KB Click to Download
Chapter 9 Source Code 49.79 KB Click to Download
Chapter 10 Source Code 144.95 KB Click to Download
Chapter 11 Source Code 32.00 KB Click to Download
Chapter 12 Source Code 9.16 KB Click to Download
Chapter 13 Source Code 13.49 KB Click to Download
Combined Chapters Source Code 1.08 MB Click to Download
Spin Buttons 1.87 KB Click to Download
A set of Rolodex-style buttons (see below) that users can click to quickly jump to any section of a lengthy table. After downloading, see the RolobuttonsExample form for an example. Then see the Instructions for Use form for instructions on adapting the buttons to your own database. (You only have to change one word in the VBA code!).
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MOM 2003 Sample Database
Throughout the book you saw several sample forms used as examples (see below). All of those forms came from my MOM 2003 sample database. You can download that whole database. The zip file contains two versions: In version 1, all tables are empty, so you'll get off to a clean start on entering data. In version 2, you the database already contains some fake sample data, so you can explore its features without first entering data. Either version should work fine in Access 2000, 2002, and 2003.
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