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3D Printing For Dummies (1118660773) cover image

3D Printing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-66077-5
384 pages
January 2014
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with 3D Printing 7

Chapter 1: Seeing How 3D Printers Fit into Modern Manufacturing 9

Chapter 2: Exploring the Types of 3D Printing 23

Chapter 3: Exploring Applications of 3D Printing 41

Part II: Outlining 3D Printing Resources 61

Chapter 4: Identifying Available Materials for 3D Printing 63

Chapter 5: Identifying Sources for 3D-Printable Objects 81

Part III: Exploring the Business Side of 3D Printing 99

Chapter 6: Commoditizing 3D Printing 101

Chapter 7: Understanding 3D Printing’s Effect on Traditional Lines of Business 117

Chapter 8: Reviewing 3D Printing Research 131

Part IV: Employing Personal 3D Printing Devices 143

Chapter 9: Exploring 3D-Printed Artwork 145

Chapter 10: Considering Consumer-Level 3D Printers 157

Chapter 11: Deciding on a RepRap of Your Own 169

Part V: Creating a RepRap 3D Printer 199

Chapter 12: Assembling Structural Elements 201

Chapter 13: Understanding RepRap Control Electronics 231

Chapter 14: Assembling the RepRap Extruder and RepRap Upgrades 265

Chapter 15: Identifying Software and Calibrating Your 3D Printer 295

Part VI: The Part of Tens 331

Chapter 16: Ten Ways That Rapid Prototyping Will Disrupt Traditional Manufacturing 333

Chapter 17: Ten Examples of Direct-Digital Manufacturing and Personalization 339

Chapter 18: Ten Impossible Designs Created Using Additive Manufacturing 345

Index 349

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