Mounting in an English Saddle - dummies

Mounting in an English Saddle

By Audrey Pavia, Shannon Sand

Part of Horseback Riding For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Mounting in an English saddle is a bit more difficult than a Western saddle. Try using a mounting block or higher ground to stand when hoisting yourself into the saddle. To mount English style, follow these steps:

  1. Lead your horse to the area where you want to mount; step up on a mounting block if possible.

  2. Position yourself and stay in control of the horse.

    Place the reins over your horse’s head and rest them on her neck. Stand at the horse’s left shoulder, facing the back of the horse. The reins should be in your left hand. Grab a handful of mane at the base of the horse’s neck with the same hand.

  3. Using your right hand, grasp the outside of the stirrup iron and turn the iron toward you; place your left foot in the stirrup.

  4. Swing into the saddle.

    Turn your body toward the horse as you grasp the cantle with your right hand. Bounce on your right foot two or three times and then launch yourself up into the air. (Use the power from your legs to push your body upward.) Swing your right leg over the horse’s hindquarters, being careful not to touch them, and land gently in the saddle.

  5. Place your right foot in the stirrup and gather up your reins.