How to Keep Your LaCrosse Players Motivated - dummies

How to Keep Your LaCrosse Players Motivated

By National Alliance for Youth Sports, Greg Bach

Part of Coaching LaCrosse For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Coaches face many challenges, some of which are not related to playing strategy. It can be tough to keep your LaCrosse players motivated. Any teacher or coach will tell you that a major roadblock to progress is motivation. The key is to find ways to overcome these stagnant periods.

Players will likely respond with the same attitude they see at practice. If you want to encourage positivity, you will need to keep a positive attitude also. Here are some tips to help you keep your players motivated.

  • Continually encourage players to hustle and always put forth their best efforts.

  • Stay in control of your emotions, and refrain from yelling instructions all the time.

  • Allow kids the freedom to make mistakes, and coach effort over skills.

  • Always exude confidence in your players’ abilities.

  • When correcting errors, use words that inspire confidence and reinforce positive thoughts. Instead of saying “Don’t turn the ball over,” say “Control the ball and make strong passes, just like you did so well in practice this week.”