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How to Find Golf Lessons

Golf lessons are usually available wherever balls are hit and golf is played: driving ranges, public courses, resorts, and private clubs. The price for these lessons typically increases in that same order — driving-range pros generally charge the least. As for quality, if the pro is PGA-qualified (look for the term PGA Professional posted in the pro shop or on his or her business card), you can be reasonably sure you’ll get top-notch instruction.

When checking out places that offer golf lessons, ask whether they have video-analysis capabilities. When you’re able to watch yourself on video, you and your instructor can pinpoint problem areas for improvement.

Golf schools

Golf schools are great for beginners. You’ll find yourself in a group — anything from 3 to 20 strong. You won’t be the only beginner, and watching others struggle with their own problems may help you with your game.

The better golf schools tend to be relatively expensive.

But for the money, you get, on average, three days of intensive coaching on all aspects of the game from a good teacher.

Driving ranges

Some very good (and some not-so-good) instructors work at driving ranges. Most of them can show you the basic mechanics of the swing and get you off on the right foot.

Be sure to ask whether the pro at your local driving range is a PGA golf professional. If so, you can be assured that he or she is fully qualified to guide you through golf’s lesson book. If not, the person still may know a lot about the game, but proceed with caution.

Local clubs

Even if you’re not a member, getting a lesson from the local club pro is usually possible. He or she will probably charge a little more than a driving-range pro, but the facilities will likely be a lot better. Certainly, the golf balls will be. And chances are, you’ll have access to a putting green and a practice bunker, so you can get short-game help, too.