How to Adopt the Correct Golf Putting Posture - dummies

How to Adopt the Correct Golf Putting Posture

While you crouch over the golf ball to putt, you need to be in the correct position. You should have a slight knee flex in your putting stance. If your knees are locked, you’re straining your back too much.

1Bend from your waist so that your arms hang straight down.

This position allows your arms to swing in a pendulum motion, back and forth from a fixed point.

2Hold your arms straight out from your body.

Bend down with those arms outstretched from the waist until your arms are pointing to the ground.

3Flex your knees a little bit.

You’re in the correct putting posture!

4Position yourself in relation to the ball.

To figure out where to stand in relation to the ball, place a ball on your forehead between your eyes, bend over, and let the ball drop. Where the ball lands is where it should be in relation to your body.

5Position your feet so that your heels and shoulders are the same width apart.

You have a margin for error in your stance width, but this is a good place to start.

6Make your toe line parallel to your target line.

Your toe line should always be parallel to your target line.